Lip Service

July's Featured Wine - Lip Service
Handcrafted from Rattlesnake Hills AVA vineyards, this unique blend of red grapes provide a extraordinary taste that will leave you in awe.

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2008 Funky Monkey
Winter Harvest Dessert Wine

Great dessert wine, (16% residual sugar) excellent with Raspberry Cheesecake!

Maison Society Wine Club

Wine at any time is supposed to Smell good, Taste good, and make you Feel great! It has to be approachable, delicious, and it absolutely has to be fun! Which is precisely why we built Maison de Padgett Winery.

Enjoy Maison de Padgett wines shipped right to your door throughout the year and exclusive discounts with no membership fees!

With four wine club options and incomparable benefits, there's a Maison de Padgett wine club to satisfy everyone's needs. You will always receive unparalleled service because we know that "Quality wine is only as good as the service behind it."

See for yourself why people rave about Maison de Padgett Winery. Join our wine club today and start saving immediately.

Sippers Club:
2 bottles shipped 6x/year.
(12 bottles/year)
This club is ideal for those who like to sip a little wine. Sippers Club members enjoy 15% off all wine purchases, including automatic club shipments. Average shipment: $40-$65*
Quentin Cooper Club:
Six bottles shipped 2x/year.
(12 bottles/year)
By combining wines into fewer shipments, Quentin Cooper Club members save approximately $50 in shipping charges each year over the Sippers Club. Enjoy 15% off all wine purchases, including automatic club shipments. Average shipment: $120-$145*
Carlin Stone Club:
Our most requested club!
Four bottles shipped 4x/year.
(16 bottles/year)
For those who want to ensure a bottle of Maison de Padgett is always on hand to enjoy. This club allows you to taste some wines immediately and lay others down for future enjoyment. Enjoy a 15% discount on each club shipment and 15% on all other merchandise. Plus a $10 shipping coupon on all automatic club shipments and 50% off Shipping on all case orders. Average shipment: $90-$105*
Winemaker’s Club:
Best Value!
One case shipped 2x/year.
(24 bottles/year)
The king of all clubs! For those who are passionate about Maison de Padgett wines but want help with shipping costs. Enjoy a 20% discount on each club shipment, 20% on all other purchases and 50% off shipping on all club shipments and all case orders. Average shipment: $260-310*
Garden Party Option:
By choosing Garden Party as part of your Wine Club membership, you will automatically receive one 1.5 Liter bottle of this extraordinary and limited collector series wine each year a Garden Party is produced. Commensurate with its quality and rarity, Garden Party is priced higher than other Maison de Padgett wines.
Member Benefits:
Annual membership fees - NONE
Sippers Club (12 bottles/year)
Two bottles shipped 6x/year.
Quentin Cooper Club (12 bottles/year)
Six bottles shipped 2x/year.
Carlin Stone Club (16 bottles/year)
Four bottles shipped 4x/year.
Winemaker's Club (24 bottles/year)
One case shipped 2 x/year.

Invitations to "Wine Club Member Only" events.

  • Exclusive guaranteed opportunity to purchase Garden Party wines.
  • Complimentary Wine Tasting!
  • Personal invitations to private winemaker/winery dinners.
  • Comprehensive wine notes, recipes and winery newsletter.
  • Case orders $10 shipping coupon per case.
  • Exclusive discounts on automatic club shipments.
  • Exclusive discounts on all other wine purchases.
  • Exclusive discounts on all non-wine merchandise.
  • Advance notice of special wine releases and deals.
  • Exclusive guaranteed opportunity to purchase Garden Party wines.
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