Kasutusjuhend Samsung QE50QN90DAT ( 2 lehekülge) (2024)

Kasutusjuhend Samsung QE50QN90DAT ( 2 lehekülge) (1)



If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the Samsung service centre.


Samsung Service Centre


IRELAND (EIRE) 0818 717100 www.samsung.com/ie/support

UK 0333 000 0333 www.samsung.com/uk/support

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Before Reading This

Simple User Guide

This TV comes with this Simple User Guide and an embedded

User guide (

> (left directional button) > Settings >

Support > Open User guide).

Warning! Important

Safety Instructions

Please read the Safety Instructions before using your TV.

Refer to the table below for an explanation of symbols which

may be on your Samsung product.







This symbol indicates that high voltage is

present inside. It is dangerous to make any

kind of contact with any internal part of

this product.

This symbol indicates that this product

has included important literature

concerning operation and maintenance.

Class II product: This symbol indicates

that a safety connection to electrical earth

(ground) is not required. If this symbol

is not present on a product with a mains

lead, the product MUST have a reliable

connection to protective earth (ground).

AC voltage: Rated voltage marked with

this symbol is AC voltage.

DC voltage: Rated voltage marked with

this symbol is DC voltage.

Caution. Consult instructions for use:

This symbol instructs the user to consult

the Simple User Guide for further safety

related information.


Do not overload wall outlets, extension cords, or adapters

beyond their voltage and capacity. It may cause fire or

electric shock.

Refer to the power specifications section of the manual

or the power supply label on the product for voltage and

amperage information.

Power-supply cords should be placed so that they are not

likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or

against them. Pay particular attention to cords at the plug

end, at wall outlets, and at the point where they exit from

the appliance.

Never insert anything metallic into the open parts of this

apparatus. This may cause electric shock.

To avoid electric shock, never touch the inside of this apparatus.

Only a qualified technician should open this apparatus.

Be sure to plug in the power cord until it is firmly seated.

When unplugging the power cord from a wall outlet, always

pull on the power cord's plug. Never unplug it by pulling on

the power cord. Do not touch the power cord with wet hands.

If this apparatus does not operate normally - in particular,

if there are any unusual sounds or smells coming from it -

unplug it immediately and contact an authorised dealer or

Samsung service centre.

To protect this apparatus from a lightning storm, or to leave it

unattended and unused for a long time, be sure to unplug it from

the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna or cable system.

Accumulated dust can cause an electric shock, an electric

leakage, or a fire by causing the power cord to generate

sparks and heat or by causing the insulation to deteriorate.

Use only a properly grounded plug and wall outlet.

An improper ground may cause electric shock or

equipment damage. (Class l Equipment only.)

To turn off this apparatus completely, disconnect it from

the wall outlet. To ensure you can unplug this apparatus

quickly if necessary, make sure that the wall outlet and

power plug are readily accessible.


Do not place this apparatus near or over a radiator or heat

register, or where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Do not place vessels (vases etc.) containing water on this

apparatus, as this can result in a fire or electric shock.

Do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.

Be sure to contact an authorised Samsung service centre

for information if you intend to install your TV in a location

with heavy dust, high or low temperatures, high humidity,

chemical substances, or where it will operate 24 hours a

day such as in an airport, a train station, etc. Failure to do

so may lead to serious damage to your TV.

Do not expose this apparatus to dripping or splashing.

Mounting the TV on a wall

If you mount this TV on a wall, follow

the instructions exactly as set out by the

manufacturer. If it is not correctly mounted, the

TV may slide or fall and cause serious injury to a

child or adult and serious damage to the TV.

To order the Samsung wall mount kit, contact Samsung

service centre.

Samsung is not responsible for any damage to the product

or injury to yourself or others if you choose to install the

wall mount on your own.

Samsung is not liable for product damage or personal

injury when a non-VESA or non-specified wall mount is

used or when the consumer fails to follow the product

installation instructions.

You can install your wall mount on a solid wall

perpendicular to the floor. Before attaching the wall

mount to surfaces other than plaster board, contact your

nearest dealer for additional information. If you install

the TV on a ceiling or slanted wall, it may fall and result in

severe personal injury.

When installing a wall mount kit, we recommend you

fasten all four VESA screws.

If you want to install a wall mount kit that attaches to the

wall using two top screws only, be sure to use a Samsung

wall mount kit that supports this type of installation. (You

may not be able to purchase this type of wall mount kit,

depending on the geographical area.)

Do not mount the TV at more than a 15 degree tilt.

Standard dimensions for wall mount kits are shown in the

table on the Unpacking and Installation Guide.

Do not install your wall mount kit while your TV

is turned on. This may result in personal injury

from electric shock.

Do not use screws that are longer than the standard

dimension or do not comply with the VESA standard

screw specifications. Screws that are too long may cause

damage to the inside of the TV set.

For wall mounts that do not comply with the VESA

standard screw specifications, the length of the screws

may differ depending on the wall mount specifications.

Do not fasten the screws too firmly. This may damage the

product or cause the product to fall, leading to personal

injury. Samsung is not liable for these kinds of accidents.

Always have two people mount the TV onto a wall.

For 82 inch or larger models, have four people mount

the TV onto a wall.

Preventing the TV from falling

: Wall-anchor (not supplied)

1. Using the appropriate screws, firmly fasten a set of

brackets to the wall. Confirm that the screws are firmly

attached to the wall.

You may need additional material such as wall anchors

depending on the type of wall.

2. Using the appropriately sized screws, firmly fasten a set of

brackets to the TV.

For the screw specifications, refer to the standard

screw part in the table on the Unpacking and

Installation Guide.

3. Connect the brackets fixed to the TV and the brackets

fixed to the wall with a durable, heavy-duty string, and

then tie the string tightly.

Install the TV near the wall so that it does not fall


Connect the string so that the brackets fixed to the

wall are at the same height as or lower than the

brackets fixed to the TV.

Precautions when installing the TV with a stand

(The Frame Series only)

When you install the TV with a stand, avoid placing the stand

on the back part of the table surface. Failure to do so may cause

the motion sensor at the bottom of the TV not to work properly.


This apparatus uses batteries. In your community, there

might be environmental regulations that require you to

dispose of these batteries properly. Please contact your

local authorities for disposal or recycling information.

Store the accessories (remote control, batteries, or etc.) in

a location safely out of the reach.

Do not drop or strike the product. If the product is damaged,

disconnect the power cord and contact a Samsung service centre.

Providing proper ventilation for your TV

When you install your TV *and One Connect Box, maintain a

distance of at least 10 cm between the TV *and One Connect

Box with other objects (walls, cabinet sides, etc.) to ensure

proper ventilation. Failing to maintain proper ventilation may

result in a fire or a problem with the product caused by an

increase in its internal temperature.

*: One Connect Box Supported Model Only

When you install your TV with a stand or a wall mount, we

strongly recommend you use parts provided by Samsung

only. Using parts provided by another manufacturer

may cause difficulties with the product or result in injury

caused by the product falling.

Safety Precaution

Caution: Pulling, pushing, or climbing on the

TV may cause the TV to fall. In particular, do

not hang on or destabilise the TV. This action

may cause the TV to tip over, causing serious

injuries or death. Follow all safety precautions

provided in the Safety Flyer included with

your TV. For added stability and safety, you

can purchase and install the anti-fall device,

referring to "Preventing the TV from falling".

WARNING: Never place a television set in

an unstable location. The television set may

fall, causing serious personal injury or death.

Many injuries can be avoided by taking simple

precautions such as:

Always use cabinets or stands or mounting methods

recommended by Samsung.

Always use furniture that can safely support the television set.

Always ensure the television set is not overhanging the

edge of the supporting furniture.

Always educate about the dangers of climbing on

furniture to reach the television set or its controls.

Always route cords and cables connected to your television

so they cannot be tripped over, pulled or grabbed.

Never place a television set in an unstable location.

Never place the television set on tall furniture (for example,

cupboards or bookcases) without anchoring both the

furniture and the television set to a suitable support.

Never place the television set on cloth or other materials

that may be located between the television set and

supporting furniture.

Never place items that might tempt to climb, such as

toys and remote controls, on the top of the television or

furniture on which the television is placed.

If the existing television set is going to be retained and

relocated, the same considerations as above should be


When you have to relocate or lift the TV for replacement or

cleaning, be sure not to pull out the stand.

Do not dispose of remote control or batteries in a fire.

Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or overheat the batteries.

CAUTION: There is danger of an explosion if you replace the

batteries used in the remote with the wrong type of battery.

Replace only with the same or equivalent type.





Caring for the TV

To clean this apparatus, unplug the power cord from the wall

outlet and wipe the product with a soft, dry cloth. Do not

use any chemicals such as wax, benzene, alcohol, thinners,

insecticide, aerial fresheners, lubricants, or detergents.

These chemicals can damage the appearance of the TV or

erase the printing on the product.

The exterior and screen of the TV can get scratched during

cleaning. Be sure to wipe the exterior and screen carefully

using a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Do not spray water or any liquid directly onto the TV. Any

liquid that goes into the product may cause a failure, fire, or

electric shock.

01 What's in the Box?

Make sure the following items are included with your TV. If any

items are missing, contact your dealer.

Simple User Guide

Warranty Card / Regulatory Guide (Not available in some


*Samsung Smart Remote

*Remote Control & Batteries

*Standard Remote Control & Batteries

*CI Card Adapter

*TV Power Cord

*Wall Mount Adapter x 2

**One Connect Box

**One Connect Box Power Cord

**One Connect Cable x 2

**One Connect cable holder (for wall mount)

***One Connect Box

***One Connect Box Power Cord

***One Connect Cable

Web Camera / Lens Cover / Pogo Gender (QN95D Series only)

*: Some of the items specified above may not be included in the

package, depending on the model or geographical area.

**: QN9**D, QN8**D, S95D Series

***: The Frame Series

The type of battery may vary depending on the model.

The items’ colours and shapes may vary depending on the models.

Cables not included can be purchased separately.

Check for any accessories hidden behind or in the packing

materials when opening the box.

Following the repair by a non-authorised service provider, self-repair or non-professional repair of the product, Samsung is not

liable for any damage to the product, any injury or any other product safety issue caused by any attempt to repair the product which

does not carefully follow these repair and maintenance instructions. Any damage to the product caused by an attempt to repair the

product by any person other than a Samsung certified service provider will not be covered by the warranty.

Please visit samsung.com/support to find futher information about external power adapter and remote control associated with EU

Ecodesign directive - ErP regulation

Hereby, Samsung declares that this radio equipment is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU and the relevant UK statutory requirements.

The full text of the declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:

http://www.samsung.com go to Support and enter the model name.

This equipment may be operated in all EU countries and in the UK.

The 5 GHz and 6 GHz WLAN(Wi-Fi) function of this equipment may only be operated indoors.

RF max transmitter power :

[QN9**D/QN8**D Series]

100 mW at 2.4 GHz - 2.4835 GHz,

200 mW at 5.15 GHz - 5.25 GHz & 5.47 GHz - 5.725 GHz,

100 mW at 5.25 GHz - 5.35 GHz,

200 mW at 5.945 GHz - 6.425 GHz.

[S9*D/S8*D/QN9*D/QN8*D/Q8*D/Q7*D/Q6*D/DU8/DU7 Series]

100 mW at 2.4 GHz - 2.4835 GHz,

200 mW at 5.15 GHz - 5.25 GHz & 5.47 GHz - 5.725 GHz,

100 mW at 5.25 GHz - 5.35 GHz.

[The Frame Series]

100 mW at 2.4 GHz - 2.4835 GHz,

200 mW at 5.15 GHz - 5.25 GHz & 5.47 GHz - 5.725 GHz,

100 mW at 5.25 GHz - 5.35 GHz,

100 mW at 61 GHz - 61.5 GHz.


Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.

To receive more complete service, please register your product at www.samsung.com

Model Serial No.

Figures and illustrations in this Simple User Guide are provided for reference only and may differ from the actual product

appearance. Product design and specifications may change without notice.

Simple User Guide

Kasutusjuhend Samsung QE50QN90DAT ( 2 lehekülge) (2024)
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